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The Plan To Success

We want you to feel comfortable with our team and the best way to achieve this trust begins with our website design and development process. Here’s how we work our magic. It’s straight forward and it works well. We offer a full solution from web hosting on our RackSpace servers, to website design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to monthly maintenance.

The Website Design and Development Process

  • Overview
  • Sitemap
  • Staging
  • Color
  • Launch
  • SEO
  • Maintenance

Building Real Customer Relationships

The Challenge

Multiple Funding Solutions had an outdated website which did not convey their extremely successful factoring business. 1990 called and they wanted their website back. They hired another firm to build their website. After months into the project, they still did not have a website, nor was it was not optimized for search engines, not to mention the development company was holding their site threatening to remove it unless they paid for their subpar work. They needed a bold, new, and professional website that was mobile friendly, optimized for search engines and they needed it fast.

Our Approach

Prior to the new website launching, we created a professional looking landing page to replace the site that was removed. We spent the next day working with the MFS team gathering information and understanding their goals for the new website. We custom designed a responsive, mobile friendly website to match their successful factoring business of over 20 years and attract potential clients that visited their website.

The Result

Multiple Funding Solutions now has a professional, bold, new website that’s mobile friendly and optimized for search engines. We continue to work with the MFS team for ongoing website improvements and are kicking off new online marketing strategies to improve growth.

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